About: The Landlord Tutor

Jarrett Lau, The Landlord Tutor

Jarrett Lau, The Landlord Tutor

My name is Jarrett “ The Landlord Tutor” Lau, I’ve been helping managing properties since I was a kid. Growing up in Boston where a good majority of the population rents and thus a good amount of properties are landlord owned I was surrounded by investment properties. I purchased my first property out of college and of course thought I knew everything about owning a property. Buy it, rent it,collect money and get the occasional toilet or sink clog right? WRONG.

I currently hold positions as insurance agent, mortgage broker, real estate broker, and licensed general contractor. I’ve managed countless units and have experienced almost every landlord situation you could imagine.

I’ve had some great mentors along the way such as one of largest private landlord in Boston,however much of what I learned was from trial and error and I hope that through this website and E-Book I can help you avoid and gain the necessary experience to help you become a good landlord.

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