Hiring a real estate agent

Having a strong relationship with a trustworthy real estate agent can be the difference between having fantastic or nightmare tenants. A few things to consider:
How long has the agent been in the business?
Do they have landlord references they can provide to you that can tell you how their services are?
Do they have tenant references that can tell you how their experience was with the agent?
Do they focus primarily on rentals? or rather sales?
Can they provide you close comparatives for your unit?
What exactly do their services include?
-Credit reports
-Lead law/mold addendums
-Credit/landlord/Criminal background checks
What do they charge for their services/who do they charge?
In most markets it is unnecessary to sign exclusivity agreements with rental agents, remember the more agents representing you, the more exposure you get,however the quality of an agent far exceeds the benefits of a multitude of bad agents showing your property.

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