Saleability/Sense of urgency

If you’re a landlord, your part janitor part salesman.
If you are showing and renting the unit yourself, it is important to qualify and figure out the type of client you want, once you find one it is now your turn to sell yourself as a landlord as well as the unit itself. Depending on your market there might be tons of suitable alternative options so why should a tenant pick your unit? Are you just showing the unit to anyone, or people who are ready to rent? You are there to rent the unit not show it. Create a sense of urgency with all of prospective tenants. Never tell them that you had ZERO showings, it is your job to make them WANT your unit TODAY, and create the feeling that the unit may not last and that someone else may rent it if they decide to “think about it”. You should know the area, the public transportation, the other type of people in the building, how much utilities run, how much is cable/internet. Where is the closest coffee/restaurant. If you don’t know the area, building and local amenities. LEARN THEM. You may have the best unit in the world and it may sell itself, however you can also use this time to learn about your tenants to build a bond and see if they only care about where the local bar is rather than library


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