Marketing your property

How you market a property can mean the difference between getting top dollar and average/poor rents.
There are a few different aspects of marketing:
Where it is being marketed?
Is it on your local multiple listing service( you would need a registered agent to list it for you)?
Is it being advertised on different company websites?
Is it being posted on as much online media as possible, i.e craigslist,zillow,trulia?
Findability: It is posted daily by agents or by yourself? Can you find your listing online with a basic search?
What do the does the media/ look like?
Are they professionally done( the one time investment can be used year after year,especially if you had the opportunity to take the pictures while vacant or w/ a net set of tenants)
Do you have pictures?
Do you have videos?
Floor plans?
Descriptions:If you don’t use a thesaurus, well spend some time on one thinking about different adjectives you could use to describe your apartment. Sell the unit with your words(as well as media)

Amenities:Are all the benefits and amenities that may separate your unit from others in the area in the advertisement?

These are a few important aspects to consider when marketing your property

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